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A good mattress for people who like to sleep on their stomach

A perfect mattress is an absolute necessity if you want to get a good sleep. There are a whole lot of options available when it comes to mattresses. You must buy a mattress not according to what others say about it but by examining whether it suits your need. We sleep in different positions and considering that position very is important. If you are a stomach or belly sleeper, we are here to guide you on how to choose a good mattress for you.

What to factors to consider?

  • Sleeping in this position puts a whole lot of pressure on your spine. So you are looking for a mattress that helps in releasing that pressure.
  • Most of all, you need the right support. This is to prevent you from waking up with aches in your back. Stomach sleepers are the most common cases of back pains.
  • You do not want too much firmer or too much softness in your mattress.
  • Your body must stay afloat the mattress instead of getting sunk into it.

Best Options

A good mattress for people who like to sleep on their stomach must be medium to a little firm. If the mattress is too soft, your lower body will get sunk into it and the spine will get strained. If the mattress is too hard, it will deter your spine to get into its natural curve. Here are three best options for stomach sleepers-

  1. Memory Foam Mattress These mattresses are specially designed for all the stomach sleepers. They are made up of visco-elastic foam and polyurethane foam combined. They are a little firm than other mattresses recommended for side sleepers or back sleepers. You have the option of choosing the firmness according to your own comfort.
  2. Latex Mattress These mattresses are made up of highly concentrated cotton, fiber or springs. The material is arranged in such a pattern that the complete weight of your body is distributed equally. Such mattresses have great air-flow technology, which never gets them to heat up.

Starting out as a photographer with a point and shoot camera

When my brother decided that he wanted to become a photographer, I wanted to gift him a camera. He was completely new to the world of photography and hence I wanted to give him a camera that would make his job easy.

A point and shoot camera is the best digital camera one can have, if he is taking his first steps in the world of photography. There are thousands of point and shoot cameras and to choose one from among them is not an easy task for anyone. Features, size, and price are few factors to consider when choosing your first point and shoot camera.

I was adamant, that I will give him a good quality camera; at the same time one that is easy for him to use and learn the basics of photography.  Canon, one of the best brands in point and shoot cameras, has been offering many easy-to-use point and shoot cameras lately. They are affordable and can record full HD quality videos. So, I thought of purchasing a Canon camera.

The Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP is a point and shoot camera perfectly suited for beginners. It is one of the thinnest cameras, with 24mm ultra wide-angle lens. It also has the optical image stabilizer feature and 5x optical zoom. One of the most interesting and attractive features of  the Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP is its capability to take excellent quality pictures in low light without using flash.

The Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 HS 12.1 MP point and shoot camera supports high speed shoot which is a great plus. It has 32 predefined settings from which you can choose the best for your image. The Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 produces excellent quality images when compared to other brands with similar features and price tag.

The video quality of the Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 is very good as it supports HD quality. The videos are good enough to put in websites and YouTube without being edited for quality improvement.  There are two modes for taking pictures, auto and camera mode. Canon Power Shot ELPH 300 has CMOS sensors which is far better than CCD sensors. On the whole, the Canon point and shoot camera is a perfect gift for someone who is taking his first step in the field of photography.


Are expensive cribs a good investment?

Now that I am pregnant with my first baby, I am curious to know if buying an expensive crib is a good investment or not. When we went for shopping last week, I saw many beautiful and good looking cribs. They are very expensive. Before investing money on them, I would like to know whether it is a wise decision or not.

After spending hours in front of the internet and talking to my friends and relatives, I came to know that the answer to the question is not quite straight forward. There are many points to consider before deciding if expensive cribs are worth the money.



Is the quality of the crib good? One of the most important factors to consider before buying an expensive crib is the quality of wood/material used for making it. If the quality of the wood or material is not good, then there is no point in investing money on it.

It is better to check with the manufacturer about the wood/ material they used for making the crib. Get the help of an expert if you wish to check the quality and features of the crib.



Another point to consider when buying an expensive crib is your budget. Yes, you heard it right. Think how much you can afford to invest on it and see what other sacrifices you need to make to buy this expensive crib. If you feel buying an expensive crib will leave you tight on money, then do not invest on it. Or you can look for something basic and less expensive.



You cannot keep your baby in the crib for more than a year or so. So, the period you are going to use the crib will be very short. If you are planning to have another baby in the near future, then you can reuse the crib and that makes it a wise investment.

But, is your expensive crib gender specific. I don’t think it is a good decision to investment so much money on a gender specific crib, if you are going to buy an expensive crib. If it is a gender specific crib, then, the crib will be a waste if the second baby is a different gender.


Why you should avoid cheap blow dryers

When you go out to buy a blow dryer, are you always tempted to go for a cheap blow dryer? But have you ever thought about whether it is good for your hair? No one cares, right?


When I decided to buy a blow dryer, I was worried about the budget. I was planning to go for a cheap blow dryer, but luckily I came across a friend, who is a beautician by profession. She explained to me that a cheap blow dryer can damage my hair and can cause severe problems.

A cheap blow dryer comes with a DC motor. The problem with a DC motor is that it makes a lot of noise when operating and can cause ear problems. But a good blow dryer comes with an AC motor that makes less noise and hence is the preferred choice.

The most important drawback of cheap blow dryers is the heat settings. They come with very little power that means you will have to use your blow dryer for long to dry your hair which is not good for your hair. You should never expose your hair to heat for long hours. Expensive blow dryers have good power and take very less time to dry your hair and hence are considered to be a better option.

Do you like to buy a blow dryer every 3 months? I don’t think anyone likes to spend a few dollars every 3 months for buying a new blow dryer. The life span of a blow dryer varies with brands. But, if you are going to buy a cheap blow dryer, most of the time, you will end up buying a new blow dryer every 3 months. So, if you want it to last, you should go for a good blow dryer.


If you use flat iron for styling your hair after blow drying it, then you should never go for a cheap model. A cheap blow dryer will require you to spend more time on drying and after that if you use a flat iron, then your hair will be damaged.

Quality is another factor you should consider. A cheap blow dryer means the build quality will be poor and can cause serious issues as electricity is flowing through this object. Do you like to take that risk? A good model blow dryer will have good build quality and is more safe and secure.

So, it is always better to go for a good quality blow dryer than a cheap blow dryer. Now the question for you is, do you prefer to take risk by using a cheap blow dryer?



Best Garmin GPS Units in 2017


Garmin is one of the pioneers in producing GPS units. It makes the best GPS for the money according to some experts.  Garmin GPS units are “built to last”. Garman is the first name that crops up in the mind of most people when they plan to replace their old GPS unit with a new one. Garmin has revolutionized the world of GPS.

Garmin offers various types of GPS units that can satisfy every user. So, what is the best Garmin GPS unit for the year 2017? I have been looking at the various GPS units available for the new car that I am planning to buy in the early week of January 2017. After reviewing some GPS units, I came up with 3 different options from Garmin. They all look exciting and have wonderful features to offer.


Garmin Drive Smart™ 70LMT

Garmin Drive Smart™ 70LMT is a high end model of Garmin. It has a 7 inch screen with zoom option. The main attraction of this GPS unit is that it has an updated map of the US with lifelong update guarantee. Garmin Drive Smart™ 70LMT supports hands free calling and voice based navigation.

It can easily synch with other devices like your Smartphone and laptop using the Bluetooth. The direct access feature of Garmin Drive Smart™ 70LMT allows you to find the exact location where you want to go and Garmin Traffic feature lets you avoid traffic all the time. It is one of the best GPS units from Garmin.



Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMTHD

It is a 5 inch GPS unit from Garmin that offers premium features like HD Digital Traffic, the premium traffic solution from Garmin. Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMTHD supports Bluetooth calling and voice activated navigation and provides regular alerts to the driver.

The alerts include information about sharp curves, speed changes etc. It also displays calls and text messages from your Smartphone once you sync your Smartphone with it using the Bluetooth. Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMTHD GPS unit makes life easy for you by providing all the necessary information.


Garmin Nuvi 57LM

Garmin Nuvi 57LM is an easy-to-use GPS navigator that has a 5-inch screen and is pre-loaded with the latest maps of the US. It also comes with life time map update guarantee. One of the main attractions of the Garmin Nuvi 57LM is the Garmin Real Directions. This feature guides you like a friend by providing information for your safe journey including traffic lights and landmarks. The Fourthsquare feature shows you the latest restaurants and shops. One of the cost effective models of Garmin, it is well worth your money.


All the 3 models are good and I am planning to buy one for my new car? Which one you need one?